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Lyrics of get up 10 by Cardi B Lyrics
They gave a b---h two options: stripping or lose
Used to dance in a club right across from my school
I said “dance” not “f--k”, don’t get it confused
Had to set the record straight ’cause b-----s love to assume
Mama couldn’t give it to me, had to get in Sue’s
Lord only knows how I got in them shoes
I was covered in dollars, now I’m dripping in jewels
A b---h play with my money? Might as well spit in my food
B-----s hated my guts, now they swear we was cool

Went from making tuna sandwiches to making the news
I started speaking my mind and tripled my views
Real b---h, only thing fake is the b---s
Get money, go hard, you’re m-----------g right
Never been no fraud in my m-----------g life
Get money, go hard, d--n f-----g right
Stunt on these b-----s out of m-----------g spite
Ain’t no running up on me, went from nothing to glory
I ain’t telling ya to do it, I’m just telling my story
I don’t hang with these b-----s ’cause these b-----s be corny
And I got enough bras, ya ain’t gotta support me

I went from rag to riches, went from way too lit, n---a
Only person in my fam to see six figures
The pressure on your shoulders feel like boulders
When you gotta make sure that everybody straight
B-----s stab you in your back while they smiling in your face
Talking crazy on your name, trying not to catch a case
I waited my whole life just to s--t on n----s
Climb to the top floor so I can spit on n----s
Said “I was just trying to chill and make bangers”
Tell all these old b-----s they in danger
The thing on my hip whip b-----s in to shape

That’s what I call a f-----g waist trainer
You gon’ run up on who and do what?
I think ya got your story screwed up
I came here to ball, is you nuts?
I don’t want your punk-a-s man, I’m too tough
I’m the one that’s killing s--t, hands down
If you got a problem with me, say it now
‘Cause I don’t wanna hear no sneak dissing
‘Specially not from one you weak b-----s
I’m on the go like I don’t see no stop lights
I’m stepping out every day, prom night
So if it’s all love, show me love then
‘Cause you hating on a b---h, that’s what it sounds like
Beast mode, that’s how I give it up, n---a

Hoodie low, that’s how I’m pulling up
Just ’cause I been on the road, don’t mean I been on the run
And you gon’ have to learn to hold your tongue or hold the gun
And we all know you ain’t that tight
I smack you and the b---h that you act like
I started getting money, b-----s upset
They remind me of my p---y, b-----s mad tight
Nails done, hair lit, keep them both laced
Come through shinning with them Rollies bust face
Headshot, headshot, tell ’em closed case
Ain’t no b-----s spitting like this since 08?
I don’t trust no n---a, I don’t feel no b---h
Whole life been through some f----d up s--t
They say I’m too that, oh, I’m too this
When you seen what I’ve seen, you end up like this

I walked into the label, “where the check at?”
Cardi B on the charts, you can expect that
Where that b---h that was claiming she a threat?
I’ma put a Louboutin where her neck at
They say, I’m too ratchet
They say, I act wild
I’m Chyna wit’ the p--n
Like a bad a-s child
They caught me slipping once, tell ’em try that now
Cardi B, know it’s me
Hear that “blap” sound “Blap!”

Man, I said we gon’ win
Knock me down nine times, but I get up ten
Look myself in the mirror, I say we gon’ win
Knock me down nine times, but I get up ten
Look myself in the mirror, I say we gon’ win
Knock me down nine times, but I get up ten
Yeah, but I get up ten
Knock me down nine times, but I get up ten

I’ma make a f--k n---a feel me
Said I’ma do a broke b---h filthy
I’ma make a f--k n---a feel me
I’ma do a broke b---h filthy

We gon’ win
Knock me down nine times, but I get up ten
I said we gon’ win
Knock me down nine times, but I get up ten

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