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Lyrics of thoro hall (ft. kirk knight) by Chuck Strangers Lyrics
Yo It’s Chuck Strangers

[Verse 1 – Chuck Strangers]
And I got dreams of spending Euros off of music s--t
Know it sounds like loser s--t, but all the deep talk, n----s is used to it
I’ve been Los Angeles paying off the damages
300 dollars say you ain’t live yet
Plus I’m taking side bets because the Uber driver ain’t arrived yet
Watch me take it back to prospect
Chiefing by the lake house for (?) though super fresh
Skinny n----s vexed and my box logo is a Double X
I am the wagon that carries the band
Threw my last 3 thou’ with a name of Sandra Bland
On my project cover I’m staring like Sandra Bland
Got my MP & my blunt in my hand
Just tuning in to the temple that God gave me that (?) lately
Been going hard baby grinding but it’s all gravey
Just tryin to chop the vinyl to a Mercedes
And two ladies, one from Puerto Rico one from Haiti
Both fine, both dimes, need Knight time
It’s Sunshine

[Hook/Chorus 3x]
All up to Brooklyn
Shouts the whole scene
Pro Era represent
We staying fly

It’s Kirk

[Verse 2 – Kirk Knight]
I’m so down to earth I feel like I’m in grave danger
These boys in the bush don’t wanna see the mad ranger
In Europe starting a new chapter just hit the pager
Park Side boy on camera with the nice taper
I’ll make you sick dressed up in this fly s--t
5 thousand for the fit like (?) force I’m dumb with it
Leaving my (?) I’m dumb wicked in barneys I’m cotton picking
In the field how I make my dirty denim
Jedi mind with the force in him
I feel the breeze when I fly hawk vison
I see the hate from a mile away
Mad you ain’t made the cut quick asking for the fade

[Hook/Chorus 3x]
All up to Brooklyn
Shouts the whole scene
Pro Era represent
We staying fly

[Verse 3 – Chuck Strangers]
And my crib is the trap house
N----s ain’t sell drugs, but n----s had drugs out
Wasn’t no hits taken, but definitely gave hits out

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