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Lyrics of first day out ft. meek mill by Tee Grizzley Lyrics
[Intro – Tee Grizzley & Meek Mill]
These n----s prayed on my downfall “They did!”
These n----s prayed on my downfall
On all ten, b---h, I stood tall “True s--t”

[Verse 1 – Meek Mill]
I pour the D’Usse like I’m John Wall
Counterclock the pyrex up in the kitchen, I need this s--t cook crack
I made a milli from rapping and I ain’t look back
I brought that Dawn in my hood, they was like, “What’s that?”
They tried to tell me I lost, n---a, I shook that “shook”
Being broke did something to my soul “soul”
Had a n---a locked down, 23 in the hole “hole”
Touch down, came home, pouring Ace up with Hov’ “Hov'”
I done bagged a popstar, put a Wraith on the road
Thank God, ain’t it a blessing? “What?”
We made it out from State, went from all that stressing
After them chi-chis, writing them letters “what else? What else?”
Collect call on them b-----s, they intercept us “hey”
I’m from Philly, n---a, but that money long as Broad Street

Four deep, I got floor seats watching ‘Bron ball “‘Bron ball”
Beef with corny n----s, corn beef, we don’t mind y’all “mind y’all”
If it’s really beef, I will find y’all “find y’all”
If that n---a hate, f--k his main and his side broad “and his side broad”
Yes, I bought stress with that work through that mail
We gon’ kill you if you nervous, if you nervous, you might tell “if you nervous, you might tell”
One-thousand three grams, a birdie on the scale “scale”
She got the head like that ho went to Yale “Yale”
I only f--k if that p---y don’t smell “for real”
I bought that b---h a new purse at Chanel “for real”
I told her hold down this Glock, if it’s real
I’m on probation, I can’t go to jail, no

[Verse 2 – Tee Grizzley & Meek Mill]
They still praying for my downfall “Free Meek”
I feel ’em praying on my downfall
From the yard to the streets, I’ma stand tall
I won 50 on the Eagles, split it with my dogs
Tell her get the 1s, no money guns, I need this s--t thrown right
Private jet when its urgent, gotta get flown right
Brandon Graham from Detroit, n---a, that’s home right
Expensive designers can’t fit big n----s so my clothes tight
Persia to Cody, now it’s New York to Cali
Rosecrans, the hottest daily, Free G-Weeder, that’s my family
I went platinum, I get paid to be on camera
I’m the only n---a from my generation with a mansion “Free Meek Mill”
Other n----s from my generation dead or in the pen
Still pray for them n----s ’cause some of ’em my mans
N----s shot my little brother, I jumped in that van
Now them same n----s won’t breathe again, speak again
I f--k with LeBron but the money tall as Shaq, b---h
Longest Mac b---h, catch this Mac clip
Spend a night with me these b-----s gotta get they tracks fixed
I don’t know how long I’ma last in this rap s--t

So that deal money gotta invest it in this bag, b---h
Ayy, I wear that glizzy like it’s fashion
A b---h know not to treat me like I’m average
Don’t take this bag if it’s too much for you to manage
Only joke around the circle, don’t let n----s see you laughing
Ayy, who you lil’ n----s talking to?
If you ain’t my mans and we argue, I’m offing you
If you hit my trenches with that chain, it’s coming off of you
I might buy your b---h a pair of Yeezy’s, they comfortable
Turned my n----s into bosses, that’s what bosses do
Why you n----s asking for my number? I don’t f--k with you
Got a n---a from Chicago, he got money too
But that boy’ll still eat your chain like a Lunchable
Rollie on my wrist and it’s fully sprayed
Got these n----s pocket watching, they like what he paid
B---h bad like Beyonce, sipping lemonade
With the D’usse they can’t do me ’cause a n---a made

[Outro – Meek Mill & Tee Grizzley]
I know they praying on my downfall “they did”
These n----s prayed on my downfall “they did”
They still praying on your downfall “for real”
I pour a deuce up like I’m John Wall “for real”

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