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Lyrics of el gatos revenge by Gucci Mane Lyrics
Southside on the track, yeah

[Verse 1]
Gucci man soprano, my plug call me (?) “(?)”
Act so (?), I should order some cargo
European idol, Instagram model
Dranking out the bottle, heard she like to swallow
Gucci man a model, snakes all on my (?)
Brand new Winnebago, lay low with the yay-yo
Yellow (?), my brother call me Gato
These kicks ain’t one day old, why rock them, they ain’t retro
Point your (?), get set, go, I’m racing with a peso
Rainbow with the crayons, they red, blue, green and yellow
If you hang out with narcos, then I can’t be your partner
I live by the G-code, my paper worth proper

Gato, Gato, Gato
Wrist, Gato, (?), Gato
Coat, Gato
(?), Gato, Coat, Gato
(?), Gato, work, Gato

[Verse 2]
I just got a truck-load, I’m dancing like I’m Diddy “Diddy”
I deliver bundles, I’ll take over your city “Guwop”
Chopper fully-auto, I’ll smoke you like some midget
Bullets big as potholes, they’ll merk you while I’m p-----g
CEO, honcho, got twenty-five assists
My bricks came with a barcode, but I don’t sign to get it
Don’t f--k no more you broke ho, give her my assistance
That whip she got on so old, gave her two stacks to fix it
I’m a desperado, free all the desperados
Twenty years been back home, he still got his bravado
My homeboy from (?), took kilo out the bottle
You wanna go get your own a hundred million dollars

Gato, Gato, Gato
Wrist, Gato, (?), Gato
Coat, Gato
(?), Gato, Coat, Gato
(?), Gato, work, Gato

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