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Date of Birth: December 10, 1991

Ernest Aidoloje Johnson, (born December 10, 1991) is a Nigerian recording artist popularly known by stage name Nest Json. Nest Json hails from Edo State, a southern inland region of the West African country. In addition to his recording abilities, Json excels as a musical performer and songwriter.

Although he officially began his professional music career in 2011, Json was raised in a music-loving household. Nest Json possesses versatility in sounds and genres; his melodic accord has propelled him to the forefront amongst his peers. In 2015, Json achieved local success with back-to-back hits such as Oh No (ft. Creflow); Oh No features a cameo from Maheeda aka Naija Bad Girl, who dances over the track. Nest Json followed up with another hit, Alomo, which trended on social media and led to an increase in his following. Other mind-blowing records from Json include Reggae Boo, Tèlèyè (2015), Only You, I Want You, LA Confidential, Body Okay and Slow Down (2016).

In January of 2017, Nest Json expedited his social regard from fans and solidified his artistic merit among peers with what has been described as “the official wedding song of 2017 and years to come,” his latest hit titled Say Yes. This song is on trend to break numerous records for Json and is already making headlines days into the New Year. This track has gained critical acclaim and is well on its way to being a classic record for the young talent.

Nest Json has promised more new music in the upcoming months. Json hopes to make a lasting impact in the life of others, a calling to which he feels drawn. Due to his love of music and opportunities his musical platform allows, Json is on the path to success.

One of his hits right now is 
Gbu Mmadu and speculators says Kizz Daniel is his mentor somehow.

Some top songs of Nest Json are Nest Json - Gbu Mmadu, which are available on Waploaded.

Nest Json's Top Songs

Nest Json - Gbu Mmadu

Nest Json - Gbu Mmadu

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