Busy Signal - Girl Like You

1 year ago

Dancehall don Busy Signal told Apple Music’s Ebro that he wanted to show his diversity and versatility on Parts of the Puzzle. “I tried to keep a balance—put some smooth-sounding stuff on there, and then have the grime, the gutter, the hardcore,” he said. "I tried to blend it up to make all the parts come together." As the title suggests, Busy assembles a complete picture of himself using different styles and influences on his fourth studio album. His silky flow and elder-statesman advice meshes well with the sophisticated bump of “Stay So”, “Everywhere We Go” and “One Way”. The rough and rugged MC flashes on street anthems “Starr Buxx” and “Nuh Weh Nuh Safe”, while “Real Born Gallis”, “Fat Under” and “Girl Like You” reveal a tender loverman peeking out from underneath the camo. Fans of ’80s dancehall will gravitate towards “Bring Back the Vibes” featuring Josey Wales and “Got to Tell You”, which uses a tasty Cutty Ranks “A Who Seh Me Dun” interpolation.

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