Zirra - On My Way ft. Adey

11 months ago

To mark 10 years of making music, Zirra has released ‘Positivity Only’, featuring a slew of artists and producers from around the globe. The Dubai-based rapper linked BOJ on the Reinhard-produced “Womanizer”.

Over uptempo Afrobeat-inspired instrumentals, Zirra laments about his love interest, Sade, who refuses his marriage proposal due to suspicions of infidelity. Zirra’s latest single draws from the late Fela Kuti’s vocal range, as he switches between a mellow tone to a more shrill cry while pleading for his love interest not to leave him. By the end of the song, listeners will find out both Zirra and BOJ are guilty of womanizing; if it’s not already evident from a chorus lyrically set on names of different women.

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