Burna Boy - Different ft. Damian Marley & Angelique Kidjo

3 years ago

“Saying ‘African Giant’ goes [to] a lot more than music,” Burna Boy tells Apple Music. “It’s a symbol of strength. That’s what I want my people to feel like, to realise that they are.”

On the Nigerian Afrofusion kingpin’s fourth studio album, that credo of understanding your worth and truth rings through songs which address success (“Gbona”), respect (“Anybody”), love and desire (“On the Low”) and poverty, aspiration and the daily grind (“Dangote”).

Burna Boy might talk of ancestral influence overtaking his messaging and songwriting—“When it’s time for music to be made, it’s almost like my ancestors just come into me and then it’s them,” he says—but he continues to skilfully consolidate the new with the old. Leading-edge pop, hip-hop and R&B fuse with Afrobeat and reggae traditions in vibrant grooves that are rich but never overcooked.

His vocals demonstrate a matching versatility, shifting gears with supercar precision and ricocheting between English, Yoruba and Nigerian Pidgin.

“Music is supposed to be a universal language,” he says. “You understanding what I’m saying is secondary. The primary thing is what does the person inside of you hear? What does your spirit hear? That’s the job of music—that’s what it’s supposed to do.”

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Intro: Damian Marley]|/b|
Now greetings to the world
Voice of the one called Big Gong-Zilla alongside Burna Boy, ya know
Yes rude boy!

[Verse 1: Burna Boy]
Ya dun know we different
Different style we delivering
I don’t have no equivalent
Different predicament
Every day a different problem
Different life from the government
Different politics, people with different qualities
Different tings dem happening
Different feeling, looking for a different healing
Read it with a different meaning
Different book
Come with the different look
Same spliff, different toke
Different election, sell a different false hope
Then they make us with the different hope
It’s a different time, different tings pon de mind
Different steps we a climb
While dem connive
Different egos collide
Bag full of Different knife

[Verse 2: Damian Marley]
I hear no difference still be similar
Every man bleed blood, that’s a big similarity
Seven million show one cinema
What a world we live in
And through social media become the new encyclopedia
Exposing reality in a real time
Click a button, and watch a video
Then you might just find
Every man love dem family
That is another familiarity
To demonstrate the similarity
That doesn’t mean another big difference up in a quality
Ya cut from the real original

[Verse 3 : Burna Boy]
Ya dun know we different
Different acts of belligerence
But differently intelligent
Different medicine, mi na talk chemical medicine
Different leaves and remedies
Different studying of my roots and origin
Tell my truth in melodies
It’s the truth to the different lifestyle
Different from what me find out
You know say na mi use key and I got em a hide out
fu-Ck up the youth dem mind
Bringing a different force
To different gong we a boss
You know it ain’t hard to find us

[Angelique Kidjo]

Olofofo iro iro ileri…

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