Brymo - No Be Me

2 years ago

O?Ó, the diary-like sixth album by one of Africa’s greatest singers/songwriters depicts Brymo’s propensity to evolve his art. Brymo brought class, growth and maturity to the table with this body of work.

Dedicated to keeping his art sacred, Brymo has blessed listeners with his strongest work till date – an atmospheric, introspective set that’s built on masterful songwriting, philosophy and rhythm.

From the rhythmic “No Be Me”, the reflective “God is In Your Mind” inspired by the work of a Ghanian fine artist; where Brymo brought his vocal prowess accompanied by strong guitar-riff by David Ubani, and to the soulful “Bá’nús?”; O?Ó is Brymo embracing his destiny as Africa’s leading figure in the arts!

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She talk say time no dey her side o.
Say for her world, day dey quick dey dark o
And I go love her till I die go
But our heart don turn to stone.

The man say market no dey sell o
Everything e cost pass before o
But our governor he fat pass before o
One day, my turn go come to chop.
The politician say him know the truth
Say nobody wan hear the truth
He take power take bulletproof
Buy properties overseas

No be me create the world
No be you create the world
He dey point finger see judas ooo
But no be me create the world

I dey always dey like to take my time o
But I dey waste people time o
My plan e good my method harsh o
Everybody dey talk say I too do
You dey always dey like to save yourself o
To avoid the mistake of the past o
You no dey ever fit forget o
The people wey fall your hand before

No be you create yourself o
No be me create myself o
You dey point finger see judas o
But no be me create the world o

Everybody want something
Everybody Don forget
Say Na our word and our action
Na im dey shape realityyyy

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