Instrumental: Famous Dex - Hoes Mad

2 years ago

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Hoes Mad (x24)

[Verse 1]
Hoes mad, hoes mad, I pull up in that old Jag
Hoe fast, I got these bitches staring, comparing
If that's your girl, not sharing, that's past tense
I be flexing, I say "baby why you hating and you wanna drink my liquor?"
But I ain't even tripping, Irv, please pass me a swisher
Smoking dope till I get hiccups, I think I need a pick up
So wanna pick me up, cause these pills got me real high up
But these hoes mad, hoes mad, I think I fu-Cked her best friend
Her cousin, I got these bitches staring
They fighting, they texting me some weird shit
Oh man, hoes mad

Hoes Mad x24

[Verse 2]
Oh man, Oh man, I'm busting hard let me call Flash
Pull up fast, 2 bitches tried to set me up, almost blast
15 up in that pocket rocket, bitch think fast
I can't go, yes I gotta keep it on me
Bitch I'm going out like Tony
I heard these bitches sneaky, tried to get me by my lonely
I'm a duh bitch, not a dummy
I'm all about some money, and where the fu-Ck the liquor?
Drinking Henny till I'm scummy
Whole time, whole time, I'm flexing hard like Busta Rhymes
You worth a dime, I'm all about my Peso, yayo
Need all mine, yo bitch she on my other line
Press decline, hoes mad

Hoes Mad (x24)

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